Children of the Valley is a safe, secure after school environment for children most in need.

We provide meaningful cultural enrichment activities and learning opportunities for our children and their families.
We also create partnerships and build relationships within the community and culture in the valley.


A Positive, Caring Environment


Helping Children in Need


Valuing Each Child’s Potential

From Our Executive Director

As Executive Director for Children of the Valley, I am passionate about educating, empowering, and mentoring the children and youth of our community. I served several years as a Youth Pastor for one of our local Spanish speaking churches and continue to mentor several youth leaders in the area. I worked as a 911 Dispatcher for the past decade and in the past few years became part of their leadership and training team. Through these experiences I learned of God’s call on my life to serve as a lifelong leader/mentor to the young people of the community.

It is a pleasure to be able to serve the children and push them to ‘Dream Big.’ My hope for each one is that through the academic support and enrichment activities Children of the Valley will provide them with an opportunity to maximize their potential.”


-Delia Arce, Executive Director